Why Pay More for your Mower Just Because its Yellow & Green?

With winter in the rear view mirror and a fully stocked showroom, we are gearing up for a great season!

Now is the time to bring in your mower, trimmer, chainsaw to be serviced. Don't wait until EVERYONE comes in at the same time.

We also want to let you know that we work on all brands of mowers, and yes, even the Yellow & Green one. Don't feel you have to pay more (much more) for your tune up just because of the color of its covers! There is absolutely no reason you have to pay more for a tune up, or anything else for that matter, for your Yellow & Green mower. Here at Advanced Power Equipment we treat every riding/walking mower equally no matter what the color of the hood is. Dont be mesmerized by the color of the tractor when you are shopping for a new one. The only difference between the Yellow & Green mower and our Orange Husqvarna is ..........THE PRICE! Really! Why are you paying more? Talk to Laurie and she will give you the low-down!

Here's to a great Spring/Summer Season!