Lawn mower repair. Diagnose it yourself! Lawn Mower Smoking


Top Reasons for Smoke

  • oil leak - Could be leaking at dip stick

  • overfull oil- Adding too much oil will cause the mower to smoke

  • mower was tipped incorrectly -this is a common occurance- mowers are to be tipped two ways either by pushing down on handles all the way or tipping the mower so that the air cleaner is on top. Tipping when the air cleaner is down causes the oil to leak into the air intake causing the mower to smoke and then eventually stall.

  • OHV head gasket- this is an unlikely senerio for the average homeowner lawnmower. The head gasket will blow usually caused by the engine over heating. Mice nests are the biggest culprit of an engine over heating. At this point it is probably not worth repairing the average homeowner lawnmower. It will also consume much more oil than what was needed previously.