My Tractor / Riding lawn mower smokes


Top Reasons for Smoke coming from your tractor/ riding mower:

  • oil leak - this is the most common reason your mower is smoking. I could be leaking from your dipstick tube or any of your engine gaskets. Read below.
  • Blown head gasket- This can occur if the engine over heats. This is most commonaly caused by mouse nests.
  • overfull oil- Adding too much oil will cause the mower to smoke
  • Leaking Carburetor - this is a common occurance. When your carburetor leaks it will leak into your crankcase, cause mower to smoke and then stall. If you attempt to run your mower in this condition it will blow up the engine. The oil needs to be changed and the problem with the carburetor needs to be addressed.
  • Belt - If smoke is coming from under your deck most likely it is belt. It is rubbing against a pulley and causing it to burn up.